New Member Application

Thank you for applying for an Atlanta Press Club membership. New members are approved at our monthly board meetings. We will be in contact if we need more information from you.  Please contact us at 404-577-7377 or with any questions.  

Membership Categories 

Please see below for qualifications and dues.

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Membership Categories and Qualifications

Journalist – Annual dues $40
Persons principally engaged in gathering or editing news for distribution to the general public. Must spend at least 80 percent of professional time in journalistic endeavors. Freelance journalists will need to submit clips to

Student – Annual dues $15
Persons enrolled as students in accredited departments or schools of journalism in higher education institutions. Recent college graduates may stay at the student rate for six months after graduation. 

Government/Non-profit – Annual dues $90
Public relations professionals who are principally employed by a governmental entity, including, but not limited to, a not-for-profit educational institution, public charity, or 501(c)(3) organization.

Educator – Annual dues $40
Teachers of communications and journalism at accredited educational institutions.

Author – Annual dues $40
Authors who generate the majority of their work product from writing books of any genre that are published.

Associate – Annual dues $200
Persons who represent public relations firms, trade associations or other organizations, and who are in frequent contact with news media on a public relations or public information basis.

Affiliate – Annual dues, Journalist members $30/Annual dues, Associate members $125
Any journalist or public relations professional working outside the metro Atlanta area qualifies for membership dues at a reduced price for both journalist and associate categories. Cities included in this classification are Macon, Columbus, Albany, Augusta and Savannah. The Board of Directors will make the final discretion concerning which locations qualify.

Retired – Annual dues 1/2 of the rate for the class in which membership was held or would have been held (i.e. $20 for retired Author or Educator; $100 for retired Associate)
Persons who are no longer employed or engaged in business and who immediately prior to retirement were qualified to be journalist, author, educator, government/non-profit or associate members.